Team Rainbow Black / Mental Health Awareness

Today I’ve worked on possibly the most personal project I’ve ever done. This piece is in support of #teamrainbowblack which was set up by Artist Sarah Woods to help provide a community in which it’s ok to talk about Mental Health issues. This is a group for those who’ve been through Mental Health issues or are going through them now, I’m one of those that fought for many years and came out the other side, I hope that I can now provide help to someone who may need it right now or just provide an ear to listen to for those who needs to talk.

This piece shows my story, how I was stuck in the darkness with many thoughts churning like cogs going around and around stuck in a loop but with time and help I began to believe in myself and believe that there will be an end to the darkness, it took a while but eventually I had a lightbulb moment and my life changed for the better. As cliche as this sounds I saw the light and colour again in the world, I wasn’t stuck in a fog so this piece represents that transition.


I will be selling this piece and part of the profit will be donated to the Mental Health Charity, MIND. I’ll be posting on my Etsy Store over the next couple of days, once it’s ready for sale I’ll send out an update.
I really enjoyed making this piece as it reminds me how far I’ve come and I hope this will show others the darkness doesn’t last forever.


Thanks for reading 🙂


4 thoughts on “Team Rainbow Black / Mental Health Awareness

  1. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story & your beautiful, inspiring art. My daughter is currently struggling but she’s a fighter & I’m so proud of her & of anyone who has the courage to share and raise awareness. Bless you, much love, Karen 💖xx

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    • amaranthineart says:

      Thanks Karen and sending love for you & you’re daughter, I know these things can take a lot of time & energy but I do hope things improve for her soon. It’s great she has a supportive mother to help and hopefully she knows she’s not alone in this fight. Wish you both all the best x


  2. karensteele0873 says:

    What an amazing piece of artwork Laura – love this! It’s great that you are raising awareness about mental health issues as it’s something that can affect any of us at any time, so it’s important to get people talking about it more.

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